Terms & Conditions

Legal Information 

Our aim is to be as flexible as possible and too avoid too much small print, but there are just a few things we need to state.


  • Boarding charges are per night (not day) so that we can time the collection and drop off to suit you, and there are no extra charges for early arrivals or if you are late back on the return date.
  • Accounts will be sent to the customer on the last Friday of every month by either post or e-mail and payment is required within seven days of the invoice date. Payment methods include cash, cheque and direct bank transfer. Although we don't believe in late payment charges we would appreciate customers settling accounts within the seven days.
  • Your dog will not be let off the lead unless you give us express permission to do so.
  • We can only care for animals whose vaccinations are up to date, and we would need to see copies of the certificates where relevant.
  • Please let us know if your pet has any health issues or aggressive tendencies which may impact on us or other pets in our care.
  • Before we look after any pet we will take the your Vets details during our initial assesssment and will ask you for permission to seek medical advice in your absence. Naturally we would endeavour to contact you first.
  • We would ask to be be re-imbursed for any vet fees incurred at a later date.
  • Owners would be expected to cover all costs in the unlikely event that their pet caused any damage to property or injury to other animals or people whilst in our care.